Best Supplements

I have been in the health food industry for 8+ years now and this page is dedicated to my exploration of the best supplements.

For a supplement to be included here it must be:
Trustworthy - comes from a solid company
Solid Sourcing - no sketchy ingredients
Salient - meaning I feel the effect

Equip Foods

Equip Foods was founded by Dr. Anthony Gustin - a pioneer in the nutrition and health food space.

What I love about Equip is that they offer single source, single ingredient, real food based supplements.

Colostrum: This 100% grassfed bovine colostrum is the best on the market. Amazing for immunity, digestion, gut health, and elevating vitality

Beef Protein Powder: This grassfed beef protein powder provides 21g of complete protein per scoop equivalent to a quarter pound of beef. Only ingredient is grassfed beef protein which includes gelatin (and the amino acid glycine) which makes it more nourishing than whey protein in my opinion. If you have never tried this before - you may be surprised to know it does not taste like beef! You do not really taste it at all, and the texture is smooth and not gritty. Due to the glycine it will thicken your protein shakes up a bit which is a plus to me.

Grassfed Collagen: Source from America, this grassfed collagen is powerful source of amino acids (technically not a complete protein) that can support joints, hair, skin, nails, and connective tissue throughout the body.

Beef Liver Supplements: Consuming fresh liver on a regular basis can be somewhat challenging at times for a variety of reason so it can be nice to have these on hand for the simple convenience. I do not believe this will provide equivalent benefits to actual liver but it will be somewhat close, which is nice.

Beef Organ Supplements: Similar story to the liver supplement described above, but this capsule contains beef heart, spleen, and kidney. Spleen and kidney can be especially difficult to consume consistently because in my opinion they taste the worst. Heart is delicious if you've never tried it because technically the heart is a muscle and an organ so it is very similar to typical muscle meat. Very lean and muscular, usually taste good.

I like Equip so much I have partnered with them to provide coupon code for anyone interested in trying these great supplements - click here and use the code CASE to save 15% on your order.